In this section, you can find the Local Action Plans (LAPs) outlined for each ISTEN site.

These action plans aim at creating an integrated and efficient port-hinterland system that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. The LAP is a planning document which contains a detailed description of a series of key actions aiming at a general common objective, the “framework objective”. Each LAP includes an evaluation design to understand the effectiveness of the actions implemented and to define their impact on the current situation.

The whole process is supported by a regular exchange of views with local stakeholders, which are an expression of the difficulties and needs in making the port-hinterland logistics chain more efficient, effective and sustainable.

The Local Action Plan design has been coordinated by WP Leader ITL – Institute for Transport and Logistics, who are also responsible for the ISTEN Portfolio – Action Plans for an integrated network of ports and hubs in Adrion Region and the Strategic Action Plan for the ADRION region