During the third project meeting hosted by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Foundation of Bologna, ISTEN partners took stock of the work done in the last six months and which resulted in 9 reports analysing the bottlenecks that at local level hinder intermodal connections between ADRION seaports and hinterland logistics hubs located in Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

The coordinator of work package T1, the CERTH Hellenic Institute of Transport presented the main findings from the macro-analysis covering the current status of port-hinterland integration on ADRION area and EU level. This report discusses the importance of port-hinterland integration, followed by a presentation of the identified types and attributes of port-hinterland integration within ISTEN. An overview of the flows in the ADRION area is also provided, based on data collected from 28 ports. The current level of port-hinterland integration in the ADRION area and the rest of EU is then discussed, giving insights concerning the best practices on port-hinterland integration.

Gathered together in sunny although chilly Bologna, partners had the opportunity to exchange opinions on the activities of local working groups and their inputs to the Transnational Cooperation Network, which represents one of the main outputs of the project.

The next meeting is scheduled for end of  May 2019 and will be organized by the Port of Koper in Slovenia.